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Free Online Webinar for Natural Gas Lease Owners

Learn How to Go From Stashing Cash to BUILDING WEALTH

Free Online Webinar for Natural Gas Lease Owners

Meet the Stone House Team

Decades of combined experience in helping people enjoy retirement and reach financial freedom.

Robert Brown

Robert J. Brown, CFP®


Raymond "Scott" Stone


John Burke

John Burke


Kirk Lunger


Christine Slusark

Financial Paraplanner

Sherri Roberts

Financial Paraplanner

Barbara Grimaud, Esq.

Senior Advisor

Chad Taake

Senior Advisor

Ben Robinson

Lead Advisor

Ryan Vassil, WMS℠

Lead Advisor

Mike Cravath, WMS℠

Lead Advisor

Leanne Kulah

Senior Client Service Specialist

Larry Alderson, CFP®

Senior Advisor

Jennifer Schultz

Client Relationship Manager

Lori Brown

Client Relationship Manager

Katie Johnston

Lead Advisor

Stacey Valent

Office Manager

Lindsey Chiarelli

Director of Marketing & Operations

Anna Layaou

Marketing Content Manage

This Webinar Is For YOU If...

What You'll Learn When You Watch This Webinar

  1. How to stop “stashing” money and start BUILDING WEALTH.
  2. ​Two game-changing financial “hacks” to begin making the most out of your natural gas royalty income.
    – Super charging your CDs
    – Covering your assets
  3. ​How to make smart long-term decisions about your natural gas royalty income by monitoring and valuing your mineral rights.
  4. The key to a healthy money mindset and why that can make all the difference.
  5. ​What questions to ask now and how to assemble a strong financial team ready to support you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this is a sales webinar?
Answer: Not at all. This webinar is designed to educate you on how to be smarter with your natural gas royalty income, now that so much has changed in our economy since the natural gas industry first moved into our area over 15 years ago.

Am I obligated to work with Stone House Retirement Income Planners after I watch the webinar?
Answer: No. You may sign up for and watch the webinar, provided by Stone House Retirement Income Planners, and then choose to manage your own finances or work with a financial advisor of your choice.

Does this webinar cost anything?
Answer: No. This webinar is completely FREE!

I don’t want to invest in the stock market. Is this still for me?
Answer: Absolutely. This is about building your wealth by keeping more of your natural gas royalty income, growing it, and transferring it to your family over time. Many of our clients have invested some amount in the stock market because it’s a good fit for their long-term goals, but their goals aren’t necessarily your goals. We’ll help you design a plan that is consistent with your comfort level.

I’m not preparing for retirement. Is this still for me?
Answer: Yes! Retirement is merely a point in time. What we really do is help people manage their money, taxes, and assets over their lifetime.

Have a different question you’d like answered before you proceed?
Send us an email at: OR give us a call at 570-836-7020. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

We’ve been with you in this from the beginning.

When the natural gas industry entered our local area back in 2008, we were right here in Northeast PA, guiding our investment management clients, helping them to make smart decisions with their gas royalty income.

Over the years, we’ve grown and evolved as natural gas royalties have.

We’ve expanded our business to include tax accounting and we’ve expanded our expertise, growing from a team of a few trusted financial professionals to a few more trusted financial professionals.

We’ve been helping our clients be smart and feel at ease for over 20 years.

Now, we’d like to help you continue to be smart with your natural gas royalty money with Fuel Your Future Financial Planning.

Stone House Team

How to Break Down Your Monthly Royalty Checks to Fuel Your Future

How to Keep More of Your Money With Smart Tax Planning

How Fuel Your Future Planning With Stone House Works


Building Wealth

Learn how by watching this webinar, created and provided by Stone House.

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